Online business, why have a logo?

What is Logo?

Logo stands for Logotype, which means symbol, symbol, used as a representative to tell the identity of the brand itself. The logo design is designed to convey the meaning of the organization or the meaning of the business. so that the general public can understand and easy to remember

Why is there a logo?

Logo is a symbol that every organization. Or every company should have because Logo can show their identity. and can help increase the credibility of the organization It also stimulates consumers to remember our brand better with

Logo affecting consumers. And in what areas of business?

1. In psychology Logo can make consumers feel confident, understand and accept our products.

2. Logo behavior can make consumers respond to motivation. From the identity of the organization that the Logo has conveyed.

3. Image: Logo can give consumers a positive attitude towards the image of the organization. In addition, when a Logo has a large number of likes, that logo can create value for the product as well. For example, Chanel etc.

Advantages and disadvantages of Logo

Advantages Logo is used to tell the unique identity of our organization. Make our organization or products stand out easy to remember and also build credibility Including a good image for the organization as well. Disadvantages If the Logo has not been registered for copyright. There may be bad people who use our Logo to modify, imitate

or falsify, which may cause damage and long-term impact on the image of our organization and our products. Just a simple symbol actually has quite a few hidden benefits. If you are thinking of doing business online Or build a brand on the online world to be successful. You can follow and read good knowledge. From us for free here.